project 22: its pay back time!

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wohoo! its a happy new year for me! again, another year has been added to my age.. and so i believe its just time to give thanks to all the blessings that i had received especially to the people who inspired me to be what i am now.. last year i posted my thanks in fs.. this time i want to do something different.. i was thinking of ways on how to go about this until i came up with what i called project 22.. the idea came from bianca. she posted the people of her year as tribute to those who made an impact in her life in the year 2008. i adopted the thought and made it 22 instead of just 10 to signify the 22 years of my life..


i just turned 22. and for the past 22 years there are a lot of people that i met. some just said hello and left. others stayed. but all made an impact in my life. and to pay tribute to these important people, here's the 22 people who inspired and defined the 22 years of my existence..

so lets get on the list one by one...

the mendrique clan.

im so proud i belong to this one happy family. i could say that there's no dull moment when your with the mendriques.. there's always laughter, food and good bonding. they also taught me a lot of lessons i wont forget. throughout my life, they are always there for me.. believing in my abilities and supporting me in every endeavor that i face. i so love this family. if ill be given a chance to be reborn, i still choose to be a mendrique. i think the major turning point in this family was the death of lola ba, our dearest great grandmother, but because of love and support from each other, we had surpassed it. and still getting bubblier each day.

the olasos.

same as the mendriques i so love this loud, big and happy olaso family. tho we see each other not as often as the mendriques but the closeness and love is there. i remember someone said that they adore nanay carmen because she has reared nine children by herself and kept her children bonded even until now. each year the family seems to get bigger and bigger but happier and happier. i always look forward to december 26. the day that we would get together and celebrate the holidays together. the day that i wont forget with the olasos was during my graduation celebration. being the first grandchild who graduated from college, they prepared a big celebration for me. what makes it special is that uncle bano who haven't been home for ages came to celebrate with us. it was a day of reconciliation (he once had a misunderstanding with one of my aunts) and reunion.

maria acela katrina a. padua.

ate ace is one amazing lady, i should say. her idealism and advocacy to create change radiates in her and has moved many people including me. i met her when i was in first year college. she was running for IVP in CSG back then and she handled the Volunteers, Inc, where i was a member. apparently, she won. she assigned me and hendry to handle the vinx. from then on, i became head of different committees in school programs. she had kindled the fire of leadership in me. until our senior years, she became the president of CSG and i was the secretary. i admire her leadership a lot. she's not like other leaders who empower themselves because she empowers others and brings out the leader in you. im so glad that i met this woman and i so love her for many reasons. she has moved me and she is continually moving others.

vandalism rulz - bhing, zyra, ruth, zarah and kakkie (cant find her pic).

these are my sisters and friends forever. i am so lucky to have them as friends. they are great people that i'll forever love. we have this friendship bond that surpass distance and time. i met them in grade school (except for bhing who has been my friend since i was a toddler) and since then we became closer and closer. telling secrets that only us knows. this friendship has been through a lot in those nine years. i remember everytime we quarrel back in our younger years, we would say that we will not be friends anymore and would hate each other but at the end of the day we will reconcile and be stronger than ever. i miss those highschool days when would just hangout, wait for our crushes, tell stories and just have fun. haha. but i am so happy that even today, tho we dont see each other that often, our friendship is still so strong.. and i believe it would last until forever.

mr. randy iniego.

dadiyo. although not my biological father, he has been a very good father to us in csg. i met him when i was in first year. i was able to work with him in vinx, earthwatch and csg. he's one administrator who you can joke with and talk about anything. he preferably wants to be called adviser than a moderator because he believes that he is just there to support and give advice and not control the organization. i admire this man because he's pro-student and he really stands for his beliefs even though against other admins. i'm so grateful to this man for he has given me opportunities to grow and learn.


the shield experience has been so great. they made nursing superfun! haha. there we saw nursing in a different prospective, making complicated things so simple and made us understand concepts that is true in all aspects of nursing. it was an amazing learning journey. we had the best reviewers from the leading nursing schools in the philippines. we made new friends (and new prospect, haha!). was reunited with old friends (i saw shirley, my grade school friend, after 14 years!) and was molded to be ready for the boards. tho the results aren't out yet, i am so grateful that i chose shield. because the review was really tough, they bombarded us with previous board exam questions plus super difficult pre-board exam making us used to answer tough questions so that we would be ready in answering the most difficult questions in the actual board.


i wont forget the blue room. apart from its my favorite color, haha, the blue room experience was fun.. since i was a kid, my fave subject is english so i am really into epp. and im so happy to be in this class. i met new friends and was able to get to know two wacky-but-super-good trainers, doris and john. they made me understand the language better, get a good grip on it and embrace it as a language. tho of course i also love filipino a lot but being good in english would give you a stepping stone to success. the 25 days that i spend in epp was all well spent. everyday is a fun learning. plus we got to know the american culture more. it built our confidence in using the language. thanks to these two amazing doris and john.


debate has been very close to my heart ever since high school. i dunno. maybe because i love to talk and talk so better talk with sense, ayt? debate. haha. it was kuya jaime, kuya tope and ate abegail who brought out the passion of debate in me way back hs days and it was nurtured more in usi-debsoc. apart from you'll be more politically and socially aware, you'll get to build your confidence, get to know a lot of people and go to places for tourneys. the ndc is such a memorable debating experience for me. getting to compete with debaters from all over the phil was such a super wonderful moment. and debsoc is not just an organization but rather a family. we all became closer during trainings.. getting to know others and learning from each of us.

triboo jupz.

my hs class. we were together during our entire highschool life. they made hs fun and memorable. today, we dont see each other often, tho we still have communications with each other. could be because we're all busy in our own lives now.. career, love and family. i so love to see these people again. especially the triboolets.. haha, i haven't met any one of them yet. but tho there's distance, these people would always remain special in my heart, we've spent 4 years together eh.

nonoys-kuya peter, kuya rex, kuya pat, kuya jessie and kuya allan.

we met each other in seru, first-aid group, in hs. they were our trainers. they were already seniors while we were in third year. every afternoon, we would hang out together and just have fun. they were like our big brothers. and maybe because i dont have a brother, they became so special for me. we (vandals) used to exchange names with them.. i was peter, zarah was patrick, ruth was rex, zyra was allan and arlene was jessie.. haha.. i super miss these guys tho. after hs i dont see them that much except for kuya jessie and kuya pat who was in usi too. but im so grateful to have them as friends coz they made me feel what it is like to have a brother.

mrs. janet dela cruz and mr. rhandy salvani.

these two c.i.s are the one whom i so looked up to. mam jet was our adviser when we were in 2nd year and sir rhandy is one of the great c.i.s that we have. mamcy jet was more than a c.i., she was also our 'mother'. i adore her idealisms and her love for the students. she does not only taught us classroom lessons but she also taught us lessons in life that we won't forget. at first i was afraid with sir rhandy because he seem so strict but when he handled us i saw how concerned he was to his students. he just wants us to be the best nurses in town. i admire how they handle the students and so i'll forever salute these two.

jaemmist-(jhosel), angie, emcie, maie, marian, ise, sam and tet.

my college buddies. when i first came to usi, i dont know anyone. except for june and aileen whose in another class. these girls has been my friends and became so dear to me. it started first with ise and I, till it became jits, then jemmist until finally jaemmist. my college years has been great because of these laidies and i am hoping that our friendship will last til forever. they have always been there for me and so i am also ready to be with them if they'll need me. they're crazy like me so maybe thats why we easily became comfortable with each other.. haha.

ella chen.

haha. okay. its actually sam who loves her so much but when i learned about her i got to admire her as well. when i first saw her in hanakimi, i thought she was kinda OA but through sam i was able to see that she's one-of-a-kind artist. she's a member of a girl group in taiwan called S.H.E.. what made me love her was that she's different from our local artists.. she's more like angelina jolie who loves charity. i also admire how she treats her fans. she's so considerate and caring. plus, who's famous artist would ride a bus and walk around the city just like a commoner. she's so simple and humble and i just cant help but adore her.


my grade school classmates. it was an awesome elementary days. just so happy and innocent. we would play football after class.. it such a happy memory! i am so looking forward in our class reunion on 2010. i cant wait to see them! perhaps, i won't be who i am if it weren't for them coz it was with them that i first experienced family in a class.


speaking of class, here's my class in college, from 2f we became 2g..3g then 4f. most of them were my classmates in 1c so when we were alphabetized and resectioned i was glad that they were still my classmates. i should say that our class is strong, it has been tested over time. tho we were branded as the worst section, had issues with some c.i.s, had internal conflicts, we were able to surpass it. i love this class. i wish that everyone of us will be successful RNs.

dr. stephen jo bonilla.

doc boni. the owner of shield. i adore this man. he is a brilliant doctor and a good Christian. he works at St. Luke's and professor in trinity of asia. i love how he lectures and explains concepts.. he is like a walking MS book just like doc digo. haha. what made me admire him much is his faith in Him radiates to all the reviewees (i dunno, but it does to me!). tho he is not a Catholic, i believe, but a Christian. and oh, he plays drums and guitar.. haha..


formerly known as vinx, this is were i started. then we renamed it to bayani. i love the bayanis.. esp those we trained in the lts. i admire their eagerness and passion because i was like them too when i started to be a leader. just the thought that they want to help make usi a better university already puts a smile on me because we know that in the future usi will have great student leaders. i salute them because without them all the csg activities wouldn't be a success.

lts caravan team.

this is one great legacy of ate ace. the lts team goes to different schools all around bicol giving free leadership training seminars. its a great experience to help mold leaders who would then help change the community. im super proud to be in this team because its so fulfilling and even this way we could help create change in our society.

nicolo cabrera and leloy claudio.

these two are the best debaters in the whole phil. i admire nicolel a lot! super! nico, even though he has achieved a lot is so down-to-earth. i wont ever forget when he introduced himself to me and offered his hand for a handshake.. its such an honor! and leloy. apart from his so handsome..haha. he is a gentleman. as what ate ace shared. haha. these two has inspired me in debating. they had competed and won not just in phil debate but also in the worlds. plus who wouldn't admire a magna cum laude and a valedictorian in UP and Ateneo de Manila at that..


i so love csg ever since kuya archie's time. because its them who molded me as a leader. when i finally, after 3 tries, became an officer, csg has been my second family. it is so fulfilling to be of service and at the same time work with great people. ate ace, jek, treiz, kwai, kuya bryan, jepoi, shoti, miko, ate emms, jesh, paji, kuya tags, pot, sherwin, weto, acy, dwayne, mona and cliff are the best in whole usi. i have learned a lot in csg. also it was fun working with them. plus its a different feeling when you were able to help your school during your stay. the best thing about csg is that you'll not only develop yourself but you'll also develop others.

kuya jim, kuya toni, jay.

these three has been my college brothers.. kuya jim and kuya toni as big bros and jay as a brother-in-law..(for one of my college sis).. haha.. i love these guys because they were always there for me. i met kuya jim in hs but we became closer during college. i always wanted to have a kuya thats why i love him that much. plus i adore all his songs. and i tell you he's so good in singing and writing songs. jay was more of a buddy. we were classmates since first year.. he was the pres and i was the vp in class so we were like a team. he is a good friend and a good punching bag. haha. i adore his poems that he used to write. i became close with kuya toni when we were in third year. he's one of mamjet's angels too.. hehe. i adore his idealisms. and his love for toot. haha, joke. he always have these talks which are like words-of-wisdom for me.

my family.

of course my own family. they inspire me to always give my best shot. everything that i do is for them. i love them so much and nothing in this world would ever replace them.


bmc med-annex-cd family.

toxic? bohoo! if you wanna be trained, go to med-annex and cd. haha. *wink* its fun to work with good nurses. thank u so much for giving me a family within work.

i am so grateful to have these wonderful people in my life. and i am also grateful to HIM for giving these wonderful people and wonderful years.



awww... thanks Jhosel! :0 happy berdey ulit! mwah! :)