a must see!!

i've always wanted to draw and paint. however, i wasnt given the talent to do so. and so i admire those who can make creative and extraordinary stuff out of there hands. here's the best artwork that ive ever seen.. truly jaw-dropping and amazing..


Julian Beever is an English, Belgium-based chalk-artist who has been creating chalk drawings on pavement surfaces since the mid-1990s. His works are created using a projection called anamorphosis and create the illusion of three dimensions when viewed from the correct angle.[1]

Here are some of his best work...
batman and robin to the rescue.

oh no! dont jump!

help! please have some mercy!

lets look for some gold

see.. theres more..

and more!

and lots and lots of it!

inverted world.

poor homeless man..

ready to plunge.

spiderman! help!

oh no! crocodile!
for comparison here's babyfood shot in the right angle..

and this taken at the wrong angle..

and my fave..
baby feeding the fish..
see more on http://users.skynet.be/J.Beever/pave.htm..

i super love all his work! i wish i could be that good! nah! just dreaming.. haha..

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_Beeverhttp://users.skynet.be/J.Beever/pave.htm


Ka Pete

Thank you for including my blog as among those "worth a read"--and for introducing me to the works of Julian Beever. You're right, the guy's amazing!