last post for 2009.. hello 2010!

although ive been lost in blogger for almost half of this year, i still wanted to make this last post for 2009. it has been a great year for me and my family. super duper madaming blessings akong natanggap and so i thank God for all of it. and madami din akong people na nameet and naging friends this year, kasama na dun ang mga cyber friends ko dito sa blogosphere. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE for making 2009 a blast for me. i wont mention all the blessings that i'd received anymore basta im so thankful for all of it, i hope that 2010 will also be bountiful not just for me but for all of us!!! HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR EVERYONE! love you all!♥

p.s. as for my new year's resolution, ill promise to try my best to post as often as i can for 2010!♥ again, happy new year everyone!