facing the giant..

ive been busy with my board exam these past months. it has been a tough battle, i should say. two months of grueling reviews and sacrifice for one important piece of paper.. my license to practice nursing. it was difficult. there were times when i wanted to give up.. sometimes i feel hopeless and so desperate to pass that i would just end up crying all night.. however, through those days, i realized that crying wouldn't do me any good.. better yet study than cry. though, i know i wasn't able to really sacrifice everything (there were many times when i would sneak on the computer to surf the net) but i also believe that i gave my very best in that examination. yes, it was difficult but the exams were about the basics. hopefully with all those years that i spent studying nursing in USI and the two months with SHIELD review center, i would triumph this battle.. this battle that would determine my future. i was happy during the day of the examination. i was inspired and determined and so i could say that during the exams i gave all my best and so i am just leaving evrything to Him, whether He would want me to pass or not.. of course i am hoping to pass but then again i know that He wants what is best for me.. nevertheless, the fact that i have given it all is already an achievement for me..


The Unwanted Visit of Frank

Tsk.One week after the typhoon, you can still feel the wrath of Frank (internationally known as Fengshen). Though the effect here in Naga was not as tremendous as that in Ilo-Ilo, Romblon, and other places in the country, you can still see through the news how our country was greatly affected by the typhoon.

To top it all is the MV Princess of the Stars Tragedy. It was really sad. More than 700 people are missing and their lives are uncertain. Tsk tsk. It was like a scene in a suspense movie, more like Poseidon and Titanic. I cant imagine how worse their family feels. And what makes the story sadder is that everyone was pointing out to each other, nobody wants to be blamed. Some says its the Liner's fault, some would point to the Coastguards and some blames it to the PAGASA. But at a time like this, who should the family turn to? I mean, I think its pointless if we will continue pointing at each other. Maybe what we should to do is to help each other instead, to somehow address this tragedy. I salute those organizations who are trying to help the families feel better and do search and rescue operations and ensure quicker actions. Well, let's face it, I don't think most of the victims are alive, like what everybody is hoping, because its already a week after the tragedy. However, the lives of the victims should not just be forgotten, at least they should be given a dignified burial and that their families will be given aid and be debriefed. I suppose the government should do something like that of the 71 Dreams Foundation during the ULTRA Stampede to somehow help the families of the victims. Oh well, until now, the authorities, with the help of the US government are continuing their search and rescue while many of the bodies are retrieved here in the coasts of Bikol. I just hope that everyone will move on in time and forget about this sad story.

L:The wreck of MV Princess of the Stars, R:The names and pictures of the missing victims
Number two was the first hand experience of my uncle with the wrath of Frank. As I had said on my earlier posts, I have an uncle who is a Medical Representative in Iloilo. He was staying there since two years ago. The day of the typhoon was actually his birthday. It was June 21, a Saturday so everyone went to my Lolas house for a get together and to celebrate his birthday, though he was away. We all happily and excitedly texted our birthday greetings to him but his sole reply was 'Thank you' and thats it. We thought he was just busy in his work but later on we learned that typhoon is already approaching Iloilo and the gush of wind is already starting to be strong. Later at around six or seven, he texted us saying: "Lubog na ang kotse ko, hindi ko na makita kwarto ko (he was renting a flat), lagpas tao na sa labas, lumipat na kami sa kabilang bahay, wala nang rescue, please pray for our safety." And we started worry. We then asked him to get food and water, empty bottles which he can use as floaters and to take a great care on himself. Then he replied back they dont have food and water and the dam was broke thats why the flood was really high. Plus, they were not expecting that Frank would visit them. After, his last text (he was saving his battery), we went home. I was really worried but I know he will do anything for his survival and I know they will be rescued. The next day, he was already in a hotel. The company for whom he was working took the responsibility of taking care of them. After they were rescued (Im not sure if they were rescued or they waited for the flood to lower down because we were overwhelmed that he was already safe we haven't able to ask about it) they were transfered to a hotel to take their refuge. At that time, he doesn't know how his flat looks like or if the car will still work. The good news and the most important thing is they are safe. Well, maybe today his life is getting back to normal, I dont have new news. But thank God they he is alive. And I know it would be a birthday that he will never forget for the rest of his life.

L: Fireman and members of a rescue group help an elderly woman out of the Jaro river near Iloilo city, central Philippines June 21, 2008. Typhoon Fengshen killed at least 17 people in floods and landslides in the Philippines and left a ferry adrift with over 700 passengers and crew on Saturday.(Yahoo! News) R: The residents salvaging their things after the typhoon.

Frank is now far from us. But the PAGASA said watch out for 14-16 more typhoons this year, three of which maybe as powerful as Frank. I guess we should just be ready for a time like this and be very EXTRA careful.
*All the images are from Yahoo! Image*

Where are you going? Filipino: Im going to the CR. American: Im going to the bathroom.

Finally, I found something worthwhile to do. I enrolled in the English Proficiency Program sponsored by the governor. Its a five-week training, four hours a day, four hours of speaking straight English. And I love it! I'm learning a lot. It was like learning English in a different way.. American way. Though I am proud of being a Filipino, we can't still deny that English, besides from being our second language, is our investment towards success. I mean, I have plans of going abroad and I wanna be understood by other English speaking persons and at the same time understand them better. Even here in the Philippines, there's a lot of foreigners visiting the country.

Oh well, I am really enjoying it so here's some new things I learned that I wanna share

Standard American English vs. Filipino-English

Filipino --------------------------------------------------- American
All the staffs should.. ------------------------------All the staff..
Avail the item -----------------------------------------Avail yourself of the item
Batch ----------------------------------------------------Class
Chit -------------------------------------------------------Bill
Come again? -----------------------------------------Could you repeat that, please?
Cope up with -----------------------------------------Cope with
CR -------------------------------------------------------Restroom/Bathroom/John (for the male)
Discuss about the proposal --------------------Discuss the proposal
Don't shout to me ----------------------------------Don't shout at me
Eat all you can Restaurant ---------------------All-you-can-eat restaurant
Every now and then -------------------------------Often
Equipments ------------------------------------------Equipment
Fill up the form --------------------------------------Fill out the form
For a while -------------------------------------------Hold on a moment, please
Furnitures --------------------------------------------Furniture
If ever it happens ----------------------------------If it happens
It's so traffic -----------------------------------------There is a lot of traffic
I'll be the one to do that ------------------------I'll do that
Jewelries --------------------------------------------Jewelry
Officemate ------------------------------------------Colleague
On leave ---------------------------------------------Take a day off
Open/Close the computer --------------------Turn on/off
Pass the paper to --------------------------------Submit the paper to
Pass the phone to me -------------------------Hand the phone to me
Push through a transaction -----------------Complete the transaction
Push through a meeting ----------------------The meeting will take place
Ref ----------------------------------------------------Fridge
Stuffs -------------------------------------------------Stuff
Malling ----------------------------------------------Window shopping
last June 2002-------------------------------------In June 2002

haha.. There are still a lot of non-standard words that we use in Filipino English. But I think, the most important thing is, whether in choppy English or "Carabao" English, you are still understood.


nababaliw ako sayo! ahahaha!

Most of us had gone through this stage in our lives. Some call it puppy love, crush or HDs (hidden desire! ahaha!). At one point or another we became crazy over love or head over heels to someone special for us, though at most times, he/she doesn't know.. especially when youre a girl..During these times, we do silly things that one day we will realize how crazy and immature we were when in love. However, it is this immaturity, that we learn at the end, of what really is love and relationship. Perhaps, i cannot say much about real love because apparently i am not into relationship yet. But what i would like to share is my immaturity and childishness when in love (or whatever you call that feeling).

1. You will not let the day pass without seeing your special someone.
There was this guy who was ahead of me for one year. Apparently their class is at the ANNEX campus. He was my senior in the organization that we're in. After class, me and my friends used to wait for him to drop by at the main campus. Wala lang.. i dont know why i feel happier when i see him.. Kahit di niya man ako kausapin, the happiness is there. Especially when we have meetings and activities in our organization. It was as if my day will not be complete if i haven't seen him.
Realization: It is not important whether you see him/her everyday, what's more important is though there is distance, the feelings are still mutual. I mean, hindi naman kailangan na magkita everyday. Sometimes it is more fun when you miss each other. hehehe. Plus, nakakasakal if you keep it to the point na palagi nalang kayong magkasama. Sometimes, you need to give space so that both of you will grow.

2. You'll do anything just for him/her to see you.
Hahah. Funny, when I was thirteen, I used to write love letters for my crush. I joined his organizations and became friends with his friends. Apparently, he noticed me but it was really embarrassing.. hahah
Realization: You dont need to do silly things or whatsoever just to be noticed. You have to be yourself and love yourself and apparently you will be loved.

3. You want to know everything about him/her.
This one may be scary. Haha.. there was also a time when i really researched about this someone. His favorites, what he usually do, his friendster account, his multiply account. i was like a cyber stalker.. ahaha.. but i never thought of following him. eewww, thats too much!
Realization: Well, its better to get to know a person personally rather than stalking (ahaha). i mean, its better to be friends with him/her so that you'll really know how he/she is as a friend and his/her real personality.

Ahahaha. You see. Even me has these experiences. But I never regretted i acted like this before, because it is this childishness that taught me LOVE's lesson. And maybe i am really crazy.. ahaha!


welcome to the world of the unemployed..

im really bored. these past few days the silence and stagnancy is suuuuppppeeerr irritating me.. i hate the feeling of just lying down all day staring at the ceiling and waiting for tomorrow.. and now i realize im actually experiencing the life of the unemployed..

academic and clinical graduation..
after graduation last march i never felt this boredom.. its because i was busy then completing my cases before the april 18 deadline of the prc.. unfortunately i completed my cases three days before the deadline making it impossible for me to submit all the papers on time since after the completion of cases you need to accomplish the prc forms which would take you about a week to do the signings and verification.. then my uncle who's workin in ilo-ilo brought his girlfriend for a one week vacation.. everyday was a family reunion.. we are always at the bahay ni lola watching dvds, playing with the kids, chatting at the sala while eating fish crackers, french fies and chips.. we even had an overnight swimming and boating around daruanak island..

daruanak island adventure..
then after that my aunt who would be giving birth supposedly on may invited me to stay at their house because she felt that she would give birth soon.. and so before i even planned to go there, she called again to say she's already in the lying-in clinic having her labor.. i rushed to her after my duty.. apparently she had a difficult labor.. we ended up going to a nearby hospital so that she could safely give birth through a ceasarian operation.. for three days we stayed at the hospital..as in i wasn't able to go home for that three days. i eat there, sleep there, even take a bath and do personal stuffs in there (of course we were in a private room..so i can do those things.. ahaha).. i was comfortable with it. i love the hospital and i am excited to work as a nurse someday.. anyway, i stayed at her house for a few days, being her private nurse.. in short alalay.. ahaha.. i was okay with it coz she gives me allowance.. ahaha.. when i got home, my mom bring along my cousin who is already 8 months old so that we would have something to do this summer.. that is to take care of baby erom.. the kid was also lovely.. he's so sweet and he really brightened our house.. but since its june again and my sisters would soon go to school again, we need to say bye-bye to erom and give it back to his guardians..

aunt on labor, baby wacky and baby erom..
so now with my sisters busy preparing for their classes, im left alone doing nothing.. ahaha.. welcome to the world of the unemployed..



it has been a veeeeeerrryyyy long time since my last post.. i guess because of my busy life i had forgotten the other side of me.. the side of me who is imaginative, sentimental and passionate.. the side of me who loves to write and play with words.
i love writing. it started when i was in grade school. i was in grade four then when we were asked to write an essay for the book week.. apparently my teacher liked my write-up and gave me praises and recognition.. from then on i was inspired to write. i write about anything. i write whatever is on my mind.. it was in grade 6 that i became the associate editor of our school paper.. we attended seminars and trainings on journalism.. it feels great to express yourself.. the passion continued til high school.. i joined the school paper.. i started being a contributor until i became the news editor and finally the editor in chief.. i have lots of memories with my writing career.. i have learned a lot and indeed writing made me feel relieved..
in college however i became busy with almost everything.. i became a student leader and soon i stopped writing.. i was busy running around the campus preparing for school activities and programs. it was a great experience and i never regret i became a student leader..
perhaps the writer in me hibernated for a while and so now it is ooozzzinnggg itself that it wanted to come out so badly.. thanks to mikee lee and bianca gonzales' blogs that i was inspired again to write.. hahaha.. how come those two celebrities came in the picture??? well i was browsing my 'friendster friends' when i noticed that leloy claudio was not in my friends list anymore.. he was an atenean whom we invited last year for a debate seminar.. he is really a great debater and he graduated as the valedictorian of ateneo de manila batch 2007.. i searched his name in google, he had no friendster anymore but i was able to read an article bout him in ateneo's website until finally i was browsing other articles there and poop! i ran to an article featuring mikee lee's blog bout pbb turning into a charity show.. i must admit i got impressed with mikee lee's way of thinking and so i ended up looking for his blog.. reading his posts and i must say wohoo! two thumbs up for him.. he really loves words and words love him.. i was really inspired by his write-ups that i too wanted to be a better writer.. plus he had links to bianca's blog.. i got interested and started reading on her.. i never realized that she too do blogs and even shared bout her learnings and experiences.. i was too inspired that i decided that its time to resuscitate this blog account.. ahahaha.. and i love the feeling of writing again.. i love the feeling of letting out what's on my mind and share it to everybody.. before my blogs here are mere craps that i got and liked from the internet.. but i guess this time around i would be able to write new articles again depicting whats inside of jhosel.. oh how i miss this feeling.. haiz