The road is long. SO WHAT?

Saw this happy thought yesterday on a patient's relative's shirt. A very striking statement. Hopeful. And meaningful.

Yes, for most of us, the road is certainly long and at most times tough. If you're that unlucky, you might even come to a dead end.

But so what? The most important thing is how you journeyed along that road. How you live life to the fullest and how you face every challenge that you meet. You may lament and lament over how tough your problem is or what-have-yous, but it wont go away. Do something. Move. The long road won't get short if you don't start a single step.

At the end of the day, you can't reach your destination if you won't go on along the road.


I may be too idealistic, but this is me. Just me, so what?:)



Hoho blogywood! Do you still remember me? Its been ages but Im still here alive and kicking!

Quick update. I'm in Singapore now, working as an Enrolled Nurse. Why not Staff Nurse? Because they require at least 3yrs of experience to be an SN here. I only had almost 2yrs experience then when I applied. (Atat mag abroad eh, hehe) Anyway, the work is basically the same minus the paper works and meds.

Its been a year now since Ive been away from our Lupang Sinilangan. But so far so good. Yes, there were times I felt homesick and stressed at work but thinking about it, there's no job that's easy. As the saying goes, no pain, no gain. And He will give no challenge that you can't handle. Its really all in your perspective.

Anyway, enough of me. Oh how i miss blogging and babbling random things. Hopefully from time to time i could still update this page. I change the name tho to little miss sunshine. I still love chocolates but Im hoping more to be a sunshine to your gloomy days! Hee.