blue oath..

im browsing my old documents and found this. its an oath that i made for our EPP class.. an oath that everyone [EPP class] signed for our dearest trainers, doris and john.

i miss these two bubbly trainers and the whole experience. here's the oath..

We, Class 21 B2, do hereby pledge to imbibe all our learning from our English Proficiency class in our daily life.
We solemnly promise that we will never say “May I go to the CR?” whenever we want to go to the bathroom nor will say ‘ref’ when referring to fridge. We will remember the formula to success: DOES + Base form and be very cautious to the Killer S. We also swear not to be milquetoast; however, we will never be overweening and tetchy.
We will not be confused that HE is HIS brother, SHE is HER sister and I am MY self. We’ll be comfortable in using appropriate pronunciation and ensure the continuity of our speech progress. We will be very careful in enunciating the –Ds and –Eds when something had happened in the past.
We might come back to what we used to know about English SOMETIMES but we will ALWAYS practice so that we will NEVER forget what we had learned. Soon we will realize that WE HAVE BEEN better than before.
Whenever we will be on the bus or in a car, passing through cities and suburbs, driving onto bridges and arriving in our destination safely, we will remember the trips that we had from the Bronx to the Central Park and back again. Wherever we are – at work, in the hospital, or on a farm, we will not be shy to speak in English.
We will give our best in our work the same way as how we wanted to be served.
If we have a chance to go to the United States, we will remember not just the commandments of our religion but also the 10 commandments of the American Culture. We will never forget that Sears Tower is the tallest building in the United States; Kofi Anan is the seventh Secretary-General of United Nations and L.A. Lakers is the basketball team of Los Angeles with Shaquille O’neal as one of its best players.
During interviews or even during discussions, we will always use CIDS to organize our thoughts.
We also promise to study more and continue learning because we know we still have a lot of grammar to learn. We want to learn some American slangs and vocabulary. We will equip our self with a lot of knowledge. We will work our buns off to achieve all these because we know that it is easier said than done. We believe that if we are going to put all these in heart, we will definitely be successful.
We pledge to follow what Anne had taught us, that is, to be bold and see a new accent as an adventure. We will never say Bob..is..on..the..phone.. but we will say Bä bizän the foun.
Lastly, we will never forget Doris and John who had been our inspiration to continually grow and learn. We will always be grateful to these mean but LOVELY, SEXY, GREAT AND BEST English teachers we ever had. So help us God.

--im trying my best to keep my oath..haha!