im addicted to casting crowns!!

these past few days, my anxiety level turned from mild to moderate. waah!! i can't sleep and im just too bothered. bothered with the upcoming results of my board exam. okay, i already said that i'll be happy whether i'll pass or not but then again, i worked hard for this that's why i wanted to pass this exam badly. hahay! and my anxiety level is even higher today than during the day of the exam itself! whoa.. i can't explain what i feel, what i know is, i crave to pass.. i crave to be a nurse.

anyway, to keep my head cool, i started to listen to casting crowns again. actually before the exams i was having anxiety attacks, then my friend told me to listen to 'voice of truth' by casting crowns. and you know what, when i heard it during that crucial time in my life, i just can't help but cry. i was like an idiot, crying by myself in our room (review center). i dont care about other people staring at me, i was savoring every word of that song, every word that goes deep into my heart saying that i should not be afraid coz He is with me. grabe! ang awesome talaga ni Lord!

so now I decided to download Casting Crowns. haha.. their songs remind me to believe. believe in Him that everything will fall to its right place. and im getting addicted to their music. although all their songs are christian, they put on a li'l rock feel on it so that it would blend to the new generation. oo nga naman, i myself is guilty for not liking religious songs na makaluma. haha. but their songs are just addicting. and i thank casting crowns coz it really does lessen my anxiety.

okay, to give you some background of casting crowns, here's what i got from wikipedia.

Casting Crowns is a Grammy Award and Dove Award winning Christian band that employs a soft rock music style. The band was created in 1999 by youth pastor Mark Hall at First Baptist Church in Downtown Daytona Beach, Florida as part of a youth group. He also serves as a lead vocalist. Later they moved to McDonough, Georgia and more members joined creating the band now known as Casting Crowns.

Casting Crowns has enjoyed tremendous success in the United States. They have released nine singles to date with seven of them becoming consecutive number one hits on various Christian music charts. "Voice of Truth" spent a record-breaking fourteen consecutive weeks at #1 beginning in 2003. "Lifesong" spent nine weeks in the top spot, with "Praise You in This Storm" remaining at #1 for seven weeks. Casting Crowns broke their own record in 2007 when the single "East to West" from The Altar and the Door hit sixteen consecutive weeks at #1. The song ended up enjoying the top spot for a total of nineteen weeks, now their most successful single to date.

their albums were Casting Crowns(self-titled), Lifesong, The Altar and the Door, and Peace on Earth. i have a copy of the first three and put it on my imeem. the 4th one tho is their christmas album in 2008.

listening to their music makes me at peace. i dunno. maybe i just feel His message on them. haiz.

try nio din.. here's the link: Casting Crowns, Lifesong, The Altar and the Door.

inkdrop: i also want to say thank you sa lahat ng blogs na natambayan ko. tho i wasn't able to read ALL your posts but reading through your blogs also lessens my anxiety. salamat po. (wow! ang senti ko ata! haha! but i mean it!:D)




wee...my friends are awaiting for the results too..they get hyper everytime we asked them about it..

keep your cool..and God will do the rest..

jhosel mendrique

vanvan: thanks. yea. am trying my best to be cool. haha. can't wait for the results na. but i know, He'll give me what i deserve. haiz.