learning feedback diary..

since were down on memory lane.. here's something..

while i was fixing my things, i found this small notebook.. my learning feedback diary for our RLE way back in 2nd year. here we have to write about our exposures - clinical and community.

my first ever exposure as a student nurse was in the community. we were assigned at brgy. sua, camaligan, camarines sur.

Barangay Sua, Sitio Tampac is just beside Barangay Dugcal. Its a 10-15mins ride from Naga. here's my account for my first ever RLE exposure..

September 22, 2005
Bgy. Sua, Camaligan, Cam. Sur


Arriving at the entrance of Bgy. Sua, Camaligan, you could really distinguish their primary source of income, that is, agriculture and farming, through the vast rice fields surrounding their place. At some point you could notice what was left from the wrath of typhoon Labuyo. As what Bgy. Capt. Sta. Ana said, "our harvest was ruined so we must replant again," thus affecting their income.
As we went on to our exposure, we have noticed some garbage not properly disposed which can harbor the growth of infectious microorganisms. Further, in our home visit, we advised the residents to maintain the cleanliness of their environment to prevent illness and diseases.
The home visits were generally heart-whelming. The families had welcomed us into their homes. They were even glad to see us and asked us to take their BPs. At first I was shy to reach to them because I am afraid that they might reject us but then even though we were complete strangers they were so enthusiastic to open their lives to us. With that, my shyness was replaced with excitement. Their stories were almost the same. Hearing how unfortunate they had become at som etime, made me realized how lucky I am. They made me appreciate what i have now and that I must take good care of them. Mrs. Susan stressed the importance of education and asked us to give priorities on them. She also pointed out how their being undergraduates affected thier lives. Healthwise, it became a hindrance for them to fully develop their health and nutrition.
I was indeed glad with the active participation of the residents of Sua. The bystanders asked us to take their BPs and even the group of residents who were having their meeting. At some point, I was disappointed to see an old man sleeping on the barangay hall with the coldness of the floor and dirty surroundings when he should be at home and being taken good care by his family. I suggest that the Barangay Health Center should also conduct programs for the elderly to ensure that their needs are also given proper attention. They must also conduct programs for proper sanitation and give importance to hygiene.
Generally, our exposure was successful. Somehow the concepts of communtiy health nursing was fulfilled. We had reached out to them and hopefully there will be more encounter with them in the next sessions.

Jhosel Mendrique

for my entire nursing school life, Sua has been very close to my heart. it has been one of my unforgettable experience because we were assigned in that area for more than twice.. (one assignment is 3days for 2wks) that's why we've been close to the residents of Sua. im also glad that in our succeeding exposure in that area, we were able to conduct MMDST (a developmental screening test) for the children and series of seminars for health promotion.
now, while waiting for the board exam results, i suddenly miss the adrenaline rush. i miss being in the community. i miss being in the hospital. i miss being a nurse. i do pray, that i would be, in no time..


ting ting

hi jho!! I'm currently studying nursing and im on my 3rd year already. wheee!!! hello!!!

About you LFD, was it submitted or your c.i just forgot about it?? Was it even checked?


yea. it was checked. as you can see in the pic. they returned it after we were assigned in that area. :)