facing the giant..

ive been busy with my board exam these past months. it has been a tough battle, i should say. two months of grueling reviews and sacrifice for one important piece of paper.. my license to practice nursing. it was difficult. there were times when i wanted to give up.. sometimes i feel hopeless and so desperate to pass that i would just end up crying all night.. however, through those days, i realized that crying wouldn't do me any good.. better yet study than cry. though, i know i wasn't able to really sacrifice everything (there were many times when i would sneak on the computer to surf the net) but i also believe that i gave my very best in that examination. yes, it was difficult but the exams were about the basics. hopefully with all those years that i spent studying nursing in USI and the two months with SHIELD review center, i would triumph this battle.. this battle that would determine my future. i was happy during the day of the examination. i was inspired and determined and so i could say that during the exams i gave all my best and so i am just leaving evrything to Him, whether He would want me to pass or not.. of course i am hoping to pass but then again i know that He wants what is best for me.. nevertheless, the fact that i have given it all is already an achievement for me..