over chicken and salt cod..

after the boards, i usually wake up at 10am.. i dunno, i became more of a night person. i sleep late and wake up late. poor me. i wish that the results will be out soon so that i can be productive again. haha..

i woke up today at 5am with our neighbor's voice singing an OPM Imelda Papin song. okay, we live in an apartment that's why we can hear our neighbor whenever there's complete silence. and this was my first time to hear them singing some medley. i decided to ignore the noise (im not being rude, but if you can only hear it, its really so loud and annoying, haha!) and i wasn't able to get back to sleep again. i remained lying in bed, turning from side to side, pulling pillows and scramming my bed sheet. i went out of bed at around 7.30 and had my breakfast. this was my first real breakfast after the boards.. since i usually get up at 10, i used to sip some coffee and wait for lunch..

my mom prepared some roasted chicken and salt cod (since my sisters have to go to class, they need to eat much). it was an odd combination though. haha. of course i had some coffee.. i guess i can't start my day without coffee.. over breakfast i listened to the local news. the familiar voice was talking about some traffic issues in Naga City.

it was like this ever since before. the issue was on jeepney drivers not following the traffic rules, parking and getting on the way of private establishments, and drivers being rude and urinating wherever they want. when i was a city youth official way back 2004, my co-councilor had already passed a resolution regarding that issue. all the ordinances and memos were passed and approved but the implementation is too lame. after 5 years, its still the same.

i continued my breakfast as i was listening to the radio show. some drivers called the station and defended themselves, pointed that it was always "them" that is criticized and scolded, that all they want is to earn for there poor families. then here comes other listeners voicing out their opinions suggesting to put up urinals in some areas like what the MMDA put up in Metro Manila. on which not everybody knows that we already have those here in naga. it was a fiasco, pointing fingers to one another, nobody wants to be blamed.

the case is always like this. not just in naga. even anywhere in the philippines. i think the main root why we have these kinds of problems and we never get out of poverty is because we lack discipline. life is simple. we just have to follow rules. but why cant we follow even just a simple regulation like no littering. i dont know, either. all i know is we should put some effort in following the law. there's this charter change that many believed to be the solution of our country's problem. but i think the idea is too lame. i believe there's no problem with the law or of the constitution. i think the problem is in the implementation. again boiling down to discipline.

but in order to discipline a country, we should first discipline ourselves. like the used cliche, change starts from within. we should first learn to be a good follower in our homes, workplace or neighborhood. as what our reviewer once told us, the success of a country depends how much we, as individuals, want to be successful.

oh well, that's purely my thought while listening to that radio show. i realized that its good to have breakfast. next time, ill be disciplined to wake up early. maybe we'll have chicken and salt cod again tomorrow..