"perhaps all i can do now is look at you from a distance
and hope that you're doing great..
i may not have the courage, but i believe, He will give what's best for us and everything will fall to its right place at the right time.."


the chocolate princess is back!

after 2 months of being AWOL sa bloggywood, finally im back! grabeng catching up ang kelangan kong gawin.. para atang napag-iwanan na ako ng lahat.. but now im back! wohoo! i miss everyone! i miss bloggywood!

oh well, these past few weeks, ako'y naging hospital-bahay-tulog-gising-kain-and-back-to-hospital-again girl. parang thrice lang ata ako lumabas with my friends to take a break. madalas pag off ko, im asleep. haiz. siguro i was overwhelmed of this turning point kaya natagalan ang aking adjustment period.. but now im learning to balance my time already.. siyempre hindi pwedeng puro hospital na lang ako.. i also want to enjoy life.

now, lemme thank everyone who visited my blog at nagiwan ng comment sa shoutbox ko pati na din ang mga nakisilip sa ma-agiw kong bahay.. dont worry ill be visiting your blogs too.. super madaming thank you everyone!

chocolates para sa lahat..

photocredit: kathy of flickr