meet my wife!

note: the next three posts that i'll be having for the next couple of days would be dedicated to three ladies that are so close to my heart. but still please feel free to read.. wee.♥

meet one of my wives. sam. i met her way back first year college. she was the crush of my 'kuya' [highschool friend]. but we became closer when we were in 2nd year. she sometimes act like a child but she's a fragile lady inside.. waiting patiently for the love of her life. ahehe. she got bad mood sometimes, but apparently we got used to it that we already know that her bad mood would pass after an hour or less.. coz sam's a very kind person. i'll tell you, she cant stand being angry for 24 hours! lol. she's sweet and caring. and very thoughtful indeed.

i know when she's irratated or even when she found someone cute just by seeing through her eyes. i dont say i can see within her. lol. but i can sense her emotions coz her eyes speaks so much. perhaps its just the bond that we have that we were able to establish through those years.

she's a very good friend. she has the ears that listens, arms that welcomes you when you're down and nowhere to go. i remember several times that i cried in school and she was always there to comfort me. she gives you encouragement when you feel like giving up. and the unforgettable jia you to boost you up.

she also has her own antics that always make everyone of us laugh and be jolly amidst trials. she has that optimistic view that radiates and is transmitted to us. she's also a responsible daughter and sister. sam's one great lady. and im so proud to be her friend.


Thank you for everything.
Thank you for the years that we've spent together
and for more years of friendship and sisterhood.
Thank you for being there when I needed someone to talk to.
Thank you for withstanding my craziness. ahaha.
Thank you for all the laughters and kalokohan that weve shared.
(Thank you for introducing me to CE and to everything chinese. xie xie.)
Thank you for your patience, care and love not just for me but for our whole group.

Im sorry.
Im sorry if i offended you in any way.
Im sorry if im too makulit. ahehe.
Im sorry if i often scold you for acting childish.
I just want you to look more lady-like..:)
basta. Im sorry in everything that i have done or said
that could have offended you.
(wah. ulit na! hehe)

Im lucky, jaemmist is lucky, to have you as a friend.
After all, jaemmist won't be jaemmist without the S right?
So in your special day,
I wish you just all the best in life - love, family and career.
You deserve to be happy so i hope that you'll always be happy.
Thank you for being SAM! Thank you for being my/our friend!

wo ai ni! mwahugs!



INKDROP: salamat po sa lahat na naggreet. THANK YOU din daw sabi ni sam. ahehe. one down. two more to go. lol. birthday week ng mga friends ko e. so libreng chocolate para sa lahat. saka carbonarra para kay LORDCM at SuperG! lols!



ma-sweet naman na kaibigan ire...

weeepeee..gandang umaga...naun lng ako ulit nakapag-ikot...aheks...nagkaproblema internet connection ko... :)

Lord CM

Wow!!!Sweet...Happy Bday Sam...sana magpakain ka lolz ... spaghetti ha?!!!


hapi bertdi sam!


ka-chat ko si sam sa YM. pinapasabi niya sainyong lahat, SALAMAT! ahehe.

superG: aw. sad naman. maglipat ka na ng provider! lol.

lordCM: ahaha. nanjan nanaman ang spaghetti. o carbonarra? haha. wag na, magpansit ka na lang! lol. hehe.
salamat din sa paggreet.

punky: thank you daw.:)


happy birthday sam!!

and godbless sa inyong friendship mare..


Wowow! HAppy b-day..waiting ba siya? cute naman ni sam parang bagay kame. lols! Bigay mo naman url ko minsan, eto cp number ko oh...hahahaha, Jhosel, iyakin ka pala? lols! buti na lang kyut pala iyong shoulder to lean on mo...

saul krisna

Happy birth day sam... anu handa? nagugutom na kasi ang alaga kong anaconda sa tummy ko... hehehe...


vanvan: salamat po. :)

marlon: ahaha. toinks! hmm. single pa yun si sam pero taken na ang puso. lol. ahaha. yea. iyakin ako. pero madali din naman ako patawanin. lol. haha. madami silang cute shoulder to lean on ko e. waha.

saul: hahaha. ubos na handa ni sam. sa 4 nalang uli may magbibirthday pa akong friend. 2 more to go. wahaha.

sabi din ni SAM, THANK YOU DAW! haha.


jhosel, taken na ba iyong puso? nino? baka pwede mahiram? o kaya kunin ko na lang. lols!


marlon: haha. mahirap maagaw. kahit sinong magattempt. inlababo pa kasi si sam e. sinasabihan din nga namin na maghanap ng ibang prospect. lol. haha.