earth hour.

ilang days ko na din tong naririnig sa local news namin dito sa naga, pati sa station of the cross kanina sa church inadvertise din to ni father so lulubus-lubusin ko na din at pati sa bloggywood e iadvertise din to.

earth hour. maybe you heard about it already, pero gusto ko pa ring ishare para mas madami makaalam.. its a campaign against global warming. the idea is that we will let the world leaders know that we are concerned about our mother earth and we should fight global warming. so on march 28, 2009, at 8:30-9:30 PM, wherever you are in the planet, there would be a global election between earth and global warming. to vote for earth, you must voluntarily switch off your lights (and any other appliance that eats up a lot of electricity) for an hour. in short, one hour na BLACKOUT AT YOUR OWN WILL!! 81 countries and over 1,800 cities had pledged to join this campaign. here in naga, the church bells will ring at exactly 8:30 PM to remind everyone that the earth hour had started plus there would be police patrols going around the city with its sirens on.

in this way, we could do something to help save mother earth. i, myself, don't want my future grandchildren and their grandchildren to live in a devastated earth (who does anyway?) and so this is one of the littlest thing we can do to ensure their future.

and so para pampakonsensya (ahehe) here's the video pres that we always show during our LTSs.. its A Letter From The Year 2070. its from a magazine published in april 2002.

sabi nga ni ate ace during her talks (siya naghahandle ng envi leadership talks e, pang self-awareness lang ako. ahehe..), "this could be possible, who knows what will happen in 2070? maybe during that time they had invented a machine that could send messages to the past. this letter might have been sent back to 2002 to warn all of us." tama naman diba? anything is possible and so whether this letter is true or not, we should take ACTION! and sabi nga sa last part ng video pres: "DON'T LEAVE THEM (your children) HELL AS LEGACY, LEAVE THEM LIFE!"

sabi ni mama kanina after the station of the cross, sasali daw kami. im so happy naman di ko na xia kelangan iconvince. haisk. now im excited for 03.28. i hope many would participate. oops, di ito simpleng lights out lang because the results of this election (earth vs. global warming) will be reported at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. if this would be successful, then malamang finally all world leaders would open their eyes and address global warming. :)

to learn more about earth hour, click HERE.



Nagawa na namin ito last year sa parish namin...

Yeah! Save the planet! :)


...this is a great post sis.. ur are definitely making a difference juz by posting this... true this can happen... its possible... i took an environmental class before... and yeah it made a difference to me and it changed my perspective about things....itz sad if that really happens cuz more likely its our future children and future grandchildrens who will suffer from it...

... juz through that video too we should realize dat all we need in this life are the basic things such as air and water... so why do we spent tons of money for d' things dat we don't really need???

...i wanted to say more stuff about it but i gotta go... lolz... hmmm but yeah we can all make a difference...

... great post sis... =) ingatz lagi... *hugz*... Godbless! -di


eye opener!

isang kampay para sayo Jhosel!!!!


mabuhay!...maganda ito...sana pati pilipinas din ay maligtas... :D


aw. di ko alam na nagkaron na nito last year.. hmm..

ngayon kasi, all around the globe ang magpaparticipate.. kaya its a very big event.. parang gusto kong pumunta sa outerspace at tingnan from above ang pag blackout ng mga countries.. sayang nga lang e di sabay sabay coz of the time difference, pero yun din naman ang maganda dun kasi it would total to 60 hours in all (not sure though, yun lang interpretation ko jan sa banner.. ahehe)

aw daldal ko. salamat oracle.. :)

sis di: yup. tama. many people need this to remind them of what's happening to our planet. coz many people tend to forget about the environment kea naman they're wasting water, etc. haiz.kaya naman if we want to create difference, we should start now. :)

ayiee. salamat sis di. tc!

kosa: kampay! ayiee.. pero tubig lang akin ah.. di ako umiinom e. ahehe. salamat kosa.

superG: yup yup. sana nga. grabe din naman kasi effect ng global warming dito sa atin e.. iba na din pati ang feel ng init ng sun.. masakit sa balat.. ahehe. haiz.
salamat po. :)


ginawa ata to last year... meron na ulit pala? sige sige... we will help it... and cooperate!

thanks jho!


tama ito..masyadong tama..sana sa 28 ay hindi ko ito makalimutan..minsan na rin akong sumali sa ganitong pangkalahatang awareness..di ko lang matandaan kung anong cause ipinaglaban namin noon pero ngsindi kaming lahat ng kandila sa gilid ng kalsada..

salamat mare..sayo ko lang nalaman ito..


marco: aw thanks!maganda gantong mga activity nakakatulong sating mga future.. wee. :)

vanvan: at salamat din. sana nga wag mong makalimutan.. haiz, kahit simple thing man lng e makatulong tau.. :)