ang mouse trap. bow.

ang kwento ng mouse trap ay una kong narinig kay ate ace nung nag-uumpisa pa lamang kami sa csg. ito rin ang kwento na madalas kong ibahagi sa mga participants namin tuwing nagpapaLTS (leadership training) kami.

there was a mouse who lives in a farmhouse. one night, he was so worried because the master set a mouse trap. he then went out to ask for help.

he first went to the chicken coop.

mouse: mr. chicken, mr. chicken, please help me. there's a mouse trap in the house. i might get killed tonight if you won't help me.
chicken: im sorry mouse. i cant help you. i dont care about the mouse trap. i have my own coop. and i have to think of how to woo the hen instead. ask others to help you.

poor mouse went to the pig pen..

mouse: mrs. pig, mrs. pig, please help me. there's a mouse trap in the house. i might get killed tonight if you won't help me.
pig: im sorry mouse. i can't help you. i dont care about the mouse trap. i have my own pen. and i have to think of my piglets instead. ask others to help you.

without losing hope, he then went to the cow house..

mouse: mr. cow, mr. cow, please help me. there's a mouse trap in the house. i might get killed tonight if you won't help me.
cow: im sorry mouse. i can't help you. i dont care about the mouse trap. i have my own house. and im too big to get in the house. ask others to help you.

but the mouse don't have "others" to help him. so he resigned and went back to the farmhouse.

in the middle of the night, the chicken, the pig and the cow heard a loud "PAK!". they thought the mouse was caught. Mrs. Farmer, expecting that it was the mouse, went to see the mouse trap. but what she saw instead was a fierce snake who was trapped and bit her in an instant. Mrs. Farmer lay unconscious on the floor as the venom takes its course. the master, seeing his wife, immediately killed the snake and brought her to a witch doctor.

the witch doctor told them that the venom is weak and all they have to do is put chicken's blood on the wound as an antidote. the master, without hesitating, went to the chicken coop and killed mr. chicken. he followed the witch doctor's instruction but to no avail.

after a day, mrs. farmer's condition was getting worse. the master then decided to bring her to a clinic downtown. but since the harvest is still in a few months, the master don't have enough money to pay the doctor and buy her meds. so he slaughtered mrs. pig and sold its meat and the piglets.

days has passed but mrs. farmer is not reacting to her meds. after few days of confinement, mrs. farmer died. the doctor said if she was brought to the hospital earlier, she could have been saved.

the villagers upon knowing that the kind mrs. farmer died, rushed to the farmhouse. there were many people mourning with the master. without a single penny on his pocket to cover the expenses for the burial and for the wake, the master slaughtered mr. cow, sold some meat and used what was left to serve for the visitors.

at the end of the week, the mouse was the only one standing alive... and of course, the lonely master.


bottomline: everyone is connected with each other. there's a unique bond that connects you and me and everybody else. we may not even realize that this bond exist. but everything you do, affects me in anyway. the moment you throw a trash on the street, in any minute, there'll be someone who would either step on it and slip or will get it and recycle it instead. another concrete example is us. i may not know you personally, but in anyway, once you read this post, i would stir a reaction on you. you may react to this post positively or negatively. in the same way that i do when i read your posts. yea. the world is made up of billions and billions of people, but each of us has an impact to one another. perhaps, this is one unique quality of being human. *wink*


poging (ilo)CANO

wow! inspiring naman ang kwento mo! kung nakinig lng sana sila kay mouse noon, di sana nangyari sa kanila un.

sa buhay dpat tayong magtutulong para sa kapakanan ng bawat isa.


yeaaahh!... maganda ang story...

bawal galaw sa mundo magkakonektado... pero isa ang sigurado... kung may ginawa kang maganda... may maganda itong balik sa iyo (law of karma)... kung hindi man ngayon baka sa susunod na pagkakataon... ^_^

Lord CM

Nice story...pero kung sakaling natulungan nila si daga, makakapasok pa rin ba si snake at matutuklaw si Mrs. Farmer? lolz


ibig din sabihin nito kung sinong madalas inaapi sa kanya parati ang huling halakhak..parang teleserye sa tv.....hehehe..

nice Jho..


hindi ko alam kung me relation ang golden rule pero eto yung una kung naisip eh..


kawawa si mouse..

at kawawa din ang mga hayop na un..



Pogi: yea. tama. di dapat maging selfish. walang taong nabubuhay ng mag-isa ika nga. wee. salamat po sa pagbisita.

superG: korek. naniniwala din ako dun. kung gumawa ka ng mabuti.. babalik ito sayo ng sobra pa..
aheks. thanks sa pagdaan.

lordCM: hmm. maaring hindi.. maaring oo. madaming pwedeng mangyari eh.. ahaha. salamat salamat. :)

ATTY: ahaha. oo nga noh. siguro nga dahil bilog ang mundo. di ka forever inaapi.. mararating mo din ang glory. lol. salamat po ATTY!

vanvan: hmm. yea. tama. pwede din ang golden rule dito. ahehe. kawawa din yung master. lol. wee, salamat.