my other wife!

note: please bear with me. ahehe. this is the second to the last bday post. i just cant resist to make a tribute for them coz they really do deserve this. wee. hayaan nio, may libreng chocolates uli para sainyo lahat at carbonarra para kay LordCM at superG! nyahaha.

this is where everything begins. lets do some backtrack. ise was my classmate in first year college but we were just the hi-hello-how-are-you-type of friend. well, i had my own circle of friends then and she has her's too. but when we were resectioned in 2nd year, i was separated from my then-new-found-friends and she was too.. so eventually we became closer. we always stick by each other as we venture in our new class. the whole adjustment period, we were there for each other, supporting each other, and apparently we became best of buds. then from ise and i, we became JITS (when we met sam and tet) then JEMIST (with emcie and maie entering the group) and today's JAEMMIST (with angie and marian as our latest recruit. haha.) we're like sisters and even call each other 'laopos'. we know the deepest and darkest secret of everyone of us. and we oath to protect and love each other just like real sisters.
ise, even the youngest in the group, is the most mature among us. yea. she's independent and strong-willed. she's one tough lady that you don't want to mess with. ahehe. don't get me wrong. she's kind and everybody likes her. but once you argue with her and she knows that she's right, she would stand by it no matter what. she has her own 'diskarte' in dealing with things. she knows when her boyfriend flirts with other girls and would end up being friends with that 'other' girl. haha. but though sometimes her lovelife is on the rocks, still at the end of the day, she's the one who stands out.

she's also a very good friend. she's the helping hand that you can always turn to. she listens to you and helps you in making decisions. especially for me, sam and tet who are type6. (enneagram test) haha. she's always there to support me in my csg affairs and so i am also ready to back her up in anything that she would encounter.

she's a responsible daughter and ate to her siblings. i admire her courage in facing every trial that comes her way and in all that trials, she always ends up successful.

Ise laopo,

Thank you for everything.
Thank you for all the years and time that we're together.
Thank you for picking me up when i have no one to cling to.
Thank you for all the laughters and tears that we had shared.
Thank you for all the 'avisalas' early in the morning.
and the 'itadakimas' every time we eat.
Thank you for Cye who i'll forever love.
Thank you for Tita who always accept us in your humble abode.
(with the super yummy maja blanca. ahaha)
Thank you for your friendship that i'll forever cherish.
basta Salamat for everything. :)

Im sorry.
(so far as i can remember di pa naman tayo nag-away or nagtampuhan)
but still Im sorry if i have offended you in anyway.

like what i've said to sam,
jaemmist wont be jaemmist without the I.
so today, on your birthday,
may He shower you with all the love and blessings.
all the best for you and your family.
Thanks Ise for being our dearest friend.

luvualways! mwahugs!



Lord CM

Aaaahhh..di ko na mahintay ung bday ko, nangako ka ng chocolates sa akin dba? at ngayon carbonarra...Yeah!!! Sarap!!!

happy bday ise!!!!


naks...sobrang hapi ng mga friends mo nito...aheks...galing...

uyy...bago ang header no...ganda.. :)


Pang penpal - ba't other wife? kakalito naman...tc


lordCM: haha. oo nga. yung sa bday mo ah. sabihan mo ko kung kelan. lol.
haha. thanks sa paggreet.

superG: ahehe. salamat. :)

DH: haha. nalito ka ba? laopo (wife in chinese) kasi tawagan namin ng friends ko e. nagbday na yung isang laopo, eto pa yung isa. lol.haha. wag ka malito. babae ako. lol. tc din!


oyy... maki-hapiberde na rin ako kay ISE!!!! :)


Ise happy bday!!! sana mabusog mo kami...pero dito ang may bday nililibre...lol

saul krisna

uy bday na naman? huhuhu lapit na nga ang bday ko eh.... that means tatanda ulit ako...... twenteen-???? na ako..... happy bday ise


marco: ahehe. salamat sa paggreet.

DH: salamat po. ahehe. depende yan sa may bday. kung kaya manlibre. go! pero kung hindi kaw ang ililibre. ahehe.

saul: yea. meron pa nga isa sa 7. ahehe. magbbday ka na din? advance happy bday kuya. ahehe. aw. salamat po sa pagreet kay ise.

SA INYO LAHAT. THANK YOU DAW SA PAGGREET SA KANYA. ahehe. di kami nakalabas ni ise e kasi may churva din xia sa bahay nila. ahehe. pero masaya pa din ang day na to. thanksgiving namin sa school e para sa new RNs. so we got reunited with old friends. as for ise. she celebrated her bday with her family. so yan. salamat uli sainyo lahat! ahehe. *group hug*

poging (ilo)CANO

oi...may birthday din pala dito...makikibirthday nga baka may chocolates ko...hehehe