welcome to the world of the unemployed..

im really bored. these past few days the silence and stagnancy is suuuuppppeeerr irritating me.. i hate the feeling of just lying down all day staring at the ceiling and waiting for tomorrow.. and now i realize im actually experiencing the life of the unemployed..

academic and clinical graduation..
after graduation last march i never felt this boredom.. its because i was busy then completing my cases before the april 18 deadline of the prc.. unfortunately i completed my cases three days before the deadline making it impossible for me to submit all the papers on time since after the completion of cases you need to accomplish the prc forms which would take you about a week to do the signings and verification.. then my uncle who's workin in ilo-ilo brought his girlfriend for a one week vacation.. everyday was a family reunion.. we are always at the bahay ni lola watching dvds, playing with the kids, chatting at the sala while eating fish crackers, french fies and chips.. we even had an overnight swimming and boating around daruanak island..

daruanak island adventure..
then after that my aunt who would be giving birth supposedly on may invited me to stay at their house because she felt that she would give birth soon.. and so before i even planned to go there, she called again to say she's already in the lying-in clinic having her labor.. i rushed to her after my duty.. apparently she had a difficult labor.. we ended up going to a nearby hospital so that she could safely give birth through a ceasarian operation.. for three days we stayed at the hospital..as in i wasn't able to go home for that three days. i eat there, sleep there, even take a bath and do personal stuffs in there (of course we were in a private room..so i can do those things.. ahaha).. i was comfortable with it. i love the hospital and i am excited to work as a nurse someday.. anyway, i stayed at her house for a few days, being her private nurse.. in short alalay.. ahaha.. i was okay with it coz she gives me allowance.. ahaha.. when i got home, my mom bring along my cousin who is already 8 months old so that we would have something to do this summer.. that is to take care of baby erom.. the kid was also lovely.. he's so sweet and he really brightened our house.. but since its june again and my sisters would soon go to school again, we need to say bye-bye to erom and give it back to his guardians..

aunt on labor, baby wacky and baby erom..
so now with my sisters busy preparing for their classes, im left alone doing nothing.. ahaha.. welcome to the world of the unemployed..