nababaliw ako sayo! ahahaha!

Most of us had gone through this stage in our lives. Some call it puppy love, crush or HDs (hidden desire! ahaha!). At one point or another we became crazy over love or head over heels to someone special for us, though at most times, he/she doesn't know.. especially when youre a girl..During these times, we do silly things that one day we will realize how crazy and immature we were when in love. However, it is this immaturity, that we learn at the end, of what really is love and relationship. Perhaps, i cannot say much about real love because apparently i am not into relationship yet. But what i would like to share is my immaturity and childishness when in love (or whatever you call that feeling).

1. You will not let the day pass without seeing your special someone.
There was this guy who was ahead of me for one year. Apparently their class is at the ANNEX campus. He was my senior in the organization that we're in. After class, me and my friends used to wait for him to drop by at the main campus. Wala lang.. i dont know why i feel happier when i see him.. Kahit di niya man ako kausapin, the happiness is there. Especially when we have meetings and activities in our organization. It was as if my day will not be complete if i haven't seen him.
Realization: It is not important whether you see him/her everyday, what's more important is though there is distance, the feelings are still mutual. I mean, hindi naman kailangan na magkita everyday. Sometimes it is more fun when you miss each other. hehehe. Plus, nakakasakal if you keep it to the point na palagi nalang kayong magkasama. Sometimes, you need to give space so that both of you will grow.

2. You'll do anything just for him/her to see you.
Hahah. Funny, when I was thirteen, I used to write love letters for my crush. I joined his organizations and became friends with his friends. Apparently, he noticed me but it was really embarrassing.. hahah
Realization: You dont need to do silly things or whatsoever just to be noticed. You have to be yourself and love yourself and apparently you will be loved.

3. You want to know everything about him/her.
This one may be scary. Haha.. there was also a time when i really researched about this someone. His favorites, what he usually do, his friendster account, his multiply account. i was like a cyber stalker.. ahaha.. but i never thought of following him. eewww, thats too much!
Realization: Well, its better to get to know a person personally rather than stalking (ahaha). i mean, its better to be friends with him/her so that you'll really know how he/she is as a friend and his/her real personality.

Ahahaha. You see. Even me has these experiences. But I never regretted i acted like this before, because it is this childishness that taught me LOVE's lesson. And maybe i am really crazy.. ahaha!