it has been a veeeeeerrryyyy long time since my last post.. i guess because of my busy life i had forgotten the other side of me.. the side of me who is imaginative, sentimental and passionate.. the side of me who loves to write and play with words.
i love writing. it started when i was in grade school. i was in grade four then when we were asked to write an essay for the book week.. apparently my teacher liked my write-up and gave me praises and recognition.. from then on i was inspired to write. i write about anything. i write whatever is on my mind.. it was in grade 6 that i became the associate editor of our school paper.. we attended seminars and trainings on journalism.. it feels great to express yourself.. the passion continued til high school.. i joined the school paper.. i started being a contributor until i became the news editor and finally the editor in chief.. i have lots of memories with my writing career.. i have learned a lot and indeed writing made me feel relieved..
in college however i became busy with almost everything.. i became a student leader and soon i stopped writing.. i was busy running around the campus preparing for school activities and programs. it was a great experience and i never regret i became a student leader..
perhaps the writer in me hibernated for a while and so now it is ooozzzinnggg itself that it wanted to come out so badly.. thanks to mikee lee and bianca gonzales' blogs that i was inspired again to write.. hahaha.. how come those two celebrities came in the picture??? well i was browsing my 'friendster friends' when i noticed that leloy claudio was not in my friends list anymore.. he was an atenean whom we invited last year for a debate seminar.. he is really a great debater and he graduated as the valedictorian of ateneo de manila batch 2007.. i searched his name in google, he had no friendster anymore but i was able to read an article bout him in ateneo's website until finally i was browsing other articles there and poop! i ran to an article featuring mikee lee's blog bout pbb turning into a charity show.. i must admit i got impressed with mikee lee's way of thinking and so i ended up looking for his blog.. reading his posts and i must say wohoo! two thumbs up for him.. he really loves words and words love him.. i was really inspired by his write-ups that i too wanted to be a better writer.. plus he had links to bianca's blog.. i got interested and started reading on her.. i never realized that she too do blogs and even shared bout her learnings and experiences.. i was too inspired that i decided that its time to resuscitate this blog account.. ahahaha.. and i love the feeling of writing again.. i love the feeling of letting out what's on my mind and share it to everybody.. before my blogs here are mere craps that i got and liked from the internet.. but i guess this time around i would be able to write new articles again depicting whats inside of jhosel.. oh how i miss this feeling.. haiz