missed chance.

eio. holyweek na. paalam muna ako. silip mode nalang muna ako this week, ill be back on monday. actually nung last week pa aq mejo busy but this week, madaming family churva from both sides of the fence so magiging hectic ang sked ng artista. lol. ill be back on monday na. or on easter sunday kung keri ko na magpost. haha. haisk. am gonna miss y'all! parang ang tagal ng one week e. haha. basta. have a blessed holyweek y'all! mwahugs! when i get back, free chocos for all uli! ahaha.

for now, ill leave you with this story..missed chance.

A massive flood hit a small town near the Mississippi River. One levy in the river had broke, causing the flooding to occur while another levy was predicted to break in the hour.
A man who owned a house along the river stood on the roof of his house as water had engulfed the rest of it. Water levels were slowly rising. A rescue boat came to save the man from his house. The boat approached and the rescuers told the man another levy was about to break and the water would move over his house, sweeping him away to his drowning death. The man told the rescuers he did not need help because he believed in God and that God would save him. Twenty minutes later, the rescuers returned, trying to help the man escape. Once again, the man waved off the rescuers saying that God would save him. Ten minutes afterwards, the rescuers returned again, saying it would be the last time they could return because the levy was about to break. They asked him one last time to get on the rescue boat. He said once again that he believes in God and God would save him from the levy should it break. A few minutes after the rescuers left, the levy broke and the rushing waters engulfed the house, carrying away the man to his drowning death.
When the man reached the Heavens, he stood at the gates to enter. He told the men at the gates that he wanted to see God. When he saw God, he asked, "What happened? I thought you were going to save me? Why didn't you save me?" God replied, "I did try to save you. I sent the boat three times."
ayan. sometimes we really tend to expect things as we want it to be, pero God has His own way in answering our prayers, and madalas His answers are sent through other people. kagaya ng sa story, he failed to realize that the salvation from God that he was looking for was already sent for him thrice. :)

wah.. need to go already, aalis na kami in a few hours eh. hehe. haiz. ill miss y'all! mwahugs! tc everyone!



i fully agree with what you posted. when we ask for milk and God gives us a cow, ang bratty naman if we ask for a pail too. dapat may gawin din tayo. have a blessed holy week!

Lord CM

Hehehe :D Katanga naman nung taong yun...ano pa ineexpect nyang paraan ng pagsave sa kanya? kukunin sya ng mga anghel at ililipad sya? lolzz

Minsan sana makuntento na tayo sa kung anong ibinigay sa atin...

poging (ilo)CANO

balik ka agad ha!


balik ka kaagad ha!...tc


nice post!

god uses good people to help other people in trouble...

at sa iyung pagbakasyon, ingats at kitakits pa rin..


Nyahahaha...eto iyong joke noong bata doon sa Pursuit Of Happyness, napaisip din ako dito. Dahil minsan talaga, iyong mga blessings or mga chances ay disguised, expectations can actually ruin some things. la ako sa sarili. haahaha, padaan. Have nice week off.


very nice story. inspiring and moving. have a great week. keep safe.